As a top real estate agency servicing the Northeast Valley, which includes areas like Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, the MoJo Team knows what to look for when buying in any of the Phoenix metropolitan area’s most coveted zip codes. For many, particularly young couples and families, one of the most important factors in choosing a house to call home is proximity to good, quality schools.  Choosing a school district can be a intimidating process, but it is very important.  Even for buyers without school-age children, homes that are located near top-quality school districts can translate into higher property values and a greater resale potential! 

Choosing a School District When Buying a Home 

In Arizona, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to education. There are plenty of public schools, charter schools, and religious private schools, secular private schools, and more to choose from. So, how should you even go about figuring out what option is best for you? Here are some tips our team has rounded up. 

Scottsdale Schools

  • What’s Important to You? Before you even begin searching, it’s important to understand what qualities and values are important to you and your child’s education, as these decisions will affect all others. Do you prefer a traditional or alternative style of learning? If you already have children, what are their strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests? How involved can you be in your kid’s day-to-day schooling (meaning, can you spend hours volunteering or is that not your jam)? What extracurricular activities are you looking for? 


  • Ask for Recommendations. If you were looking to buy a new car or vacuum, or in search of a plumber or electrician, you would likely ask people you trust for recommendations, right? It’s natural that we ask those closest to us for advice. If you have friends and family that have children, ask them questions abScottsdale Schoolsout their experiences and what they love or dislike about their child’s school. And of course – you can ask the MoJo Team! No one knows Scottsdale and surrounding areas better, and that includes the school districts!


  • Do Research. Beyond personal recommendations, there are countless online resources to help you with researching all of the different options, and you can get information directly from the schools you’re interested in. There is great reliable school information online on sites like, or you can search school report cards on the Arizona Department of Education website. Even community pages on facebook can be a great resource. 


Scottsdale Schools

  • Take A Tour, or Ten! Why not go right to the source? Schools will gladly give you a tour or invite you to a parent night so you can ask all the questions you have and see for yourself what the school is about. You should be able to preview the curriculum, meet some teachers and staff, learn about extracurricular activities and athletics, etc. Be sure to ask about what supplemental education services are available, such as tutoring or before and after school care, if you need it. 


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