After the record rainfall caused by Norbert and Dolly and the forecasted extreme weather of Hurricane Odile right on its heels, you’re probably getting a bit wetter than you bargained for when you moved to a desert area!

Whether your home has been completely damaged by flooding or the risk of flooding has become too high for your personal comfort, you can relocate to one of the many new and updated homes located on higher ground!

Our Realtors in Scottsdale are here to help!

Whether you’re looking to move because extreme damage has left you with no other option, or you don’t feel inclined to wait until it comes to that, we are here to help! We understand that you’ve been through a lot, forced to relocate due to the past or upcoming disastrous storms. No one should have to feel endangered in their own home.
Don’t spend one more day trapped in what the mayor himself has declared to be a state of emergency when there is a better way!
You’ve spend enough time sifting through flood-induced flotsam and jetsam. You don’t have wade through endless listings. Start with us, and you will find the process simplified and refreshingly dry. Our trained professionals will guide you to the perfect home in the perfect location!

You’ve been through enough. Let the best Realtors in Scottsdale take a weight off your mind!

Flash floods, leaks, and irreparable water damage? You’ve had a pretty exciting few weeks! If you’re ready for your day to day life to stop playing out like a freak storm blockbuster, look to higher ground. We can help you to a beautiful new or updated home and it won’t even come at the cost of the beautiful Arizona weather you’ve come to know and love!

Contact The MoJo Team – Scottsdale Realtors today, and before you know it you’ll be all dried off and feeling back to normal, or even better!