A home is no small purchase, so it is important to make sure you know and approve of just what you are getting. Despite its additional cost up front, the costs that could be incurred from NOT getting a home inspection later on make it worth every penny. How would you like to move into a home in the dead of a Scottsdale summer, just to find out that the air conditioning doesn’t work; but you already signed on the dotted line so you have to eat that cost. A home inspection provides the buyer one last chance to speak up about anything that makes them uncomfortable. It also assures the buyer that the home is indeed safe to live in by testing for radon, carbon monoxide, and looking for mold.

As a seller it is beneficial to have the home inspected to assure potential buyers that you are offering a quality and safe home. Offers that must be sold “as is,” can appear suspicious and as if there is something to hide. This infographic depicts why it is beneficial to have homes professionally inspected before buying or selling.