Do you currently brave the cold, miserable winter elements for six or more months of the year? Are your commutes 20 minutes or greater for even the most basic services and errands? Do you wish that there were more activities and recreational areas in your city? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should be looking at real estate in Scottsdale Arizona.

Reasons to move

Real Estate in Scottsdale, AZ

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  • Weather: Come to Scottsdale where there are 334 days of sunshine and five stunning seasons to appreciate instead of four. Enjoy a winter where the lowest temperature is 43 degrees and the average rainfall is 2 inches. Spring brings temperatures up 10 degrees, slowly introducing you to the first of two summers. Dry summer lives up to its name with less than a quarter inch of rain and plenty of sunshine. Wet summer warms to 100 degrees or more, yet cools down with afternoon thunderstorms. Finish up the year with perfect fall weather; warm during the day with a high of 87 degrees, punctuated with cool, refreshing evenings.
  • Attractions: Scottsdale has an abundance to offer in attractions, with something for everyone. Whether you are a young couple, looking to get started, or snowbirds looking for a better climate, opportunity and excitement await!
  • Golf: There are over 100 golf courses to enjoy and Scottsdale is where desert golf began. Try to maneuver your clubs around nature’s hazards: sand washes, cacti and boulders.
  • Shopping: If having the latest fashion is your thing, look no further than the many shopping centers that populate Scottsdale. The Kierland Commons, located in North Scottsdale, has nearly 75 restaurants and stores. The Scottsdale Fashion Square is in Downtown Scottsdale and is known for its luxury and high end apparel.
  • Outdoors: If you seek adventure in the great outdoors, there are over 40 miles of multiuse trails for hikers, bikers, riders and walkers. From beginners to the extremist, you can find the trail for you.

There are a few things about Scottsdale that a new-comer should know. It does get hot and that means relatively large electricity bills to keep the A.C. going during the hottest part of the year. However, the winter months bring a nice reprise from the heat and, of course, from the bill that accompanies it. Also, your proximity to Phoenix may expose you to common city problems. To name a few: crime, traffic, pollution, and noise.

The only thing stopping you now is knowing what it’s going to cost. According to, the median home price in Scottsdale is $367,000 with the most popular neighborhoods being North and South Scottsdale and Pinnacle Peak.

If you are ready to explore the wonder and real estate in Scottsdale, Az, please contact The MoJo Team-Scottsdale Realtors